Dear Conference Participants:

I wellcome you to this historic conference dedicated to the ideas, theories, methodology and influences of the Brazilian giant in Christian psychotherapy, Dr. NORBERTO R. KEPPE. Some 28 years ago, the City of San Diego, the finest city in the United States, heard Dr. Keppe lecture about his ideas and scientific research. It is befitting that San Diego hosts today the first World Conference of Analytical Trilogy. Participants to this first World Conference of Analytical Trilogy come from North and Latin America, and Europe, a true sign that the movement Dr. Norberto R. Keppe has created, is transcendental, beyond linguistic and political barriers. Furthermore, this Conference transcends the boundaries of intellectual disciplines: representatives of Medicine, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Philosophy, Social Work, Pastoral Counseling, Religious Studies, Music, Political Science and Business Management, to name just a few areas of research, are all in attendance.
I draw your attention to the fact that the first World Conference of Analytical Trilogy is co-sponsored by my first employer and Alma Matter, the University of San Diego Center for Christian Spirituality.

J. Ghougassian Ph.D, J.D.
Ms Zena Ghougassian

We are grateful to the Director of the Center, Sister Barbara Quinn, for lending the University of San Diego’s academic weight and support towards making this Conference a truly historical event in the annals of the movement sparked by Dr. Norberto R. Keppe and his close assistant Dr. Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco.
It took almost one year to bring about this first World Conference in Analytical Trilogy. The engine behind the organization, propagation, scheduling, development of the site, and preparation for this event are a few highly dedicated individuals.  Regretfully, space does not permit me to list them all.  I would like, however, to single out one person.  We are all indebted to Dr. Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco for her personal dedication in the preparation of the Conference.
I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a stimulating intellectual exchange over the next several days.


Prof. Joseph Ghougassian, Ph.D., J.D.
United States Ambassador (Ret.)
World Conference of Analytical Trilogy

Dear WCATUS Participants,

I warmly wellcome you to the first annual World Conference of Analytical Trilogy and trust that your time here will be well spent as truths are increasing revealed to you through the science Analytical Trilogy. We are, now, on the threshold of a new world. A civilization that will, in fact, be the antithesis of what our experience has been here on earth up to now.

Norberto Keppe Ph.D.

As man’s perception is expanded and deepened, he allows himself to discover and fully develop each of his God given gifts; the most fundamental and precious of His gifts being that of feeling, thought and accomplishment. We must understand that God did not create us in parts. Today, we possess everything we need in order to enjoy life and be fulfilled. Mistakenly, we believe that, somehow, we can only achieve this some time in the future. Thus, the obvious point we must question is: “Why is our world is still in such a miserable state?”
When the Bible says that our first fathers were created in an earthly Eden, it shows that the universe is, in truth, a paradise, which, if not mistreated, can provide us with extraordinary well-being. Yet, I see our civilization becoming exceedingly decadent, contrary to what the ‘evolutionists’ claim. We see clearly the pyramids of Egypt, the extraordinary culture of Greece, and the vestiges of the Aztecs, the Mayans and the Incas. All are remnants of past civilizations that reached a great climax, just before falling into increasing decadence and ultimately their demise.
It seems we willingly blind ourselves to everything that could elevate us to a place of superior development because we insist on clinging to our attitude of extreme envy; an attitude, which makes us sick; physically, socially and especially psychologically. We hold on to this envious attitude which rejects, ignores, and distorts reality because we have this mistaken idea that the truth is painful, disagreeable and bothersome. In fact, the truth is precisely the opposite. Reality alone exists, and it exists with such vitality and force, there is not a single person who would not become enraptured at the sight of it. Nevertheless, we do not acknowledge this and we fail to take advantage of such wonder and riches.
During my fifty years of work in psychotherapy, I have always been careful to work according to strict scientific principles. However, I am convinced that there is nothing more natural than belief in and reverence for God. From this, we find the feeling of love that each person has in his inner self and is represented by God Himself.
Psychoanalysis is a scientific process that encompasses the person’s entire world. It touches on both the emotional and social aspects of life, and it has particular impact towards broader realms of life, with philosophy and spirituality. Psychoanalysis deals with everything related to the existence of the man, which it must, if it intends to care for and treat the human being, who is not just sexual and social, but much, much more.
The existence of the unconscious is the foundation of traditional psychoanalysis, yet this is its greatest error, because it bases the existence of everything that is psychological on something inaccurate. This well known theory of the unconscious, developed by Freud, is meddlesome because it places neurotic behavior as the basis for psychological life. In reality, the rejection of consciousness, cannot prove that an “unconscious” exists.
We are at an impasse. Was our world, this universe, created for the glory of God and His children? Or was it created for the enemies of truth, who now, take possession of everything they can in order to satisfy their own sick pleasures? Where are the enlightened ones, whose life shines before all? Can it be that they are hiding under a table, leaving everything in the hands of the ill-intentioned? I believe we have reached a time where we can no longer allow such inversion to be a part of our lives. We were not created to follow the sick minds of the evil ones who have taken control of our society.  We are here to participate in the glory of God with those who love Him. It is for this purpose we were created. Let us unite.

Norberto R. Keppe, Ph.D.
International Society of Analytical Trilogy
Founder and President

Dear Conference Members

It’s no coincidence that our World Conference of Analytical Trilogy is being sponsored by the University of San Diego Center for Christian Spirituality.
Religious teachings are accepted by millions of people. They remind us of many truths taught by Jesus that we know to be true, yet we have difficulties in practicing these truths in our day-to-day lives. And herein lies the dilemma: if we agree with the revelations brought by the ancient prophets and the Son of God Himself, what stops us from achieving this world of goodness, truth and beauty that would be resonant with our true nature?

Cláudia B. S. Pacheco Ph.D.

Dear ConWhy, as the Apostle Paul said, do we practice the evil we don’t want to do while not doing the goodness we do want? Why do we abandon the life of health, prosperity and happiness that we were created for?
Keppe’s work addresses this dilemma in the human soul. In his considerable research and clinical study, Keppe has discovered the enormous problem of psychological Inversion, which is the deep root cause of all the problems suffered by human beings. Furthermore, this Inversion is not restricted to the personal level but reaches out also to the social/economic environment in which we live.
The discovery of Inversion is, for me and many others, the greatest scientific discovery of all time. If we truly understand and apply this knowledge, it will be possible to alleviate all human diseases, whether psychological, physical, social or spiritual.
Through Analytical Trilogy, Keppe has unified the fields of physiopathology (physical disease), psychopathology, sociopathology and even spiritual pathology. The root of our problems is the same in all areas, as is the treatment of these problems. The same conversion( dis-Inversion) that the human being must undertake in relation to God, must also be undertaken in relation to reality, law, science and everything that exists inside and outside us.
I heartily invite all of you to immerse yourselves in this transformative scientific, philosophical and spiritual adventure over the next four days of our World Conference.
I can assure you, we now have at our fingertips all that we need to experience the marvelous age of peace and prosperity for which we were all created. Indeed, we have already begun.


Claudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco, Ph.D.
International Society of Analytical Trilogy
Vice President