A stimulating and diverse selection of addresses, symposia, workshops, and panel discussions will be conducted over the three-day period by a distinguished group of scholars, physicians, and practitioners gathering from around the world for this historic occasion focusing on the Brazilian School of Analytical Trilogy founded by Dr. Norberto R. Keppe.  The CONFERENCE will initiate an annual meeting of minds devoted to the study and propagation of Analytical Trilogy, theoretically, historically, and in practice in the areas of psychosomatic medicine, psychotherapy, psychology, media, applied health sciences, education, work environments, addictions, social work, philosophy, religion and all types of counseling.


A Gala banquet honoring the work of Dr. Keppe is scheduled for Saturday, September 27.  Arrangements also include luncheons and informal cocktail hours to further interaction among Conference participants.  Ample opportunities to enjoy the many attractions of San Diego through organized tours will also be available.

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